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Ann Sothern

The page is about Ann Sothern. Here you can found links to news, image galleries and posters of Ann Sothern. Please, do not forget to bookmark us now (simply press CTRL+D)! Thank you.


Photo Gallery of Ann Sothern.

Enjoy the great photos of Ann Sothern right now! More pics comming soon. Click on a picture of Ann Sothern for enlargement.

Ann Sothern - The Whales of August

The Whales of August

Nude pictures & naked videos of female celebs.


Filmography of Ann Sothern (the lattest 15 works).

This section contains a list of lattest movies, tv shows and videos featuring Ann Sothern. You can get additional details about each item by clicking on its title.

  Year Release Type     Character(s)     Title
  2004   Video     Herself     Masters Behind the Musicals, The
  2002   TV     Herself (Memorial Tribute)     74th Annual Academy Awards, The
  2001   TV     Herself - Memorial Tribute     53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, The
  1988   TV     Ann Sothern as Herself (Nominee)     60th Annual Academy Awards, The
  1987   Film     Tisha Doughty     Whales of August, The
  1985   TV     Ma Finney     Letter to Three Wives, A
  1980   Film     Angel     Little Dragons, The
  1978   Film     Ann Sothern as Mrs. Karmann     Manitou, The
  1976   Film         That's Entertainment, Part II
  1976   TV mini series     Mrs. Finch     Captains and the Kings
  1975   Film     Sheba     Crazy Mama
  1974   Film     Ann Sothern as Fenzie     Golden Needles
  1973   Film     Thelma Lambert     Killing Kind, The
  1972   TV     Mother Bonaventure     Weekend Nun, The
  1972   TV     Aunt Margaret Bancroft     Great Man's Whiskers, The


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